Slave To The Grind
Artist: Skid Row
Format: Digital


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''Slave to the Grind'' is Skid Row's second album, released on June 11, 1991. ''Slave to the Grind'' is notable for being the first heavy metal album to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 during the SoundScan era, and many other metal albums followed, such as ''The Black Album'' by Metallica, ''Use Your Illusion II'' by Guns N' Roses and ''Far Beyond Driven'' by Pantera. Although it hit first in the SoundScan era, it only sold just over 4 million albums worldwide as of the end of 1996.

Two different versions were released: the original version, and the "clean" (censored) version. The clean version replaced the song "Get the Fuck Out" with the less-offensive "Beggar's Day".

''Slave to the Grind'' marked the band's shift towards a heavier sound. The lyrics were more complex, criticizing modern ways of life, authority, politics, drugs, and organized religion, among other topics.

Sebastian Bach's father painted the cover art, which is actually a long mural, continued inside the album's booklet. It is set in the medieval era, yet features people using technological gadgets of the present day. - Wikipedia