Current Mask Policy - December 30th

Mask Policy: Effective 12/30/21

We have implemented a mask policy again in our stores for the time being.  We don't anticipate this to be in place for a long period of time but until this current wave subsides, we'd like to be on the safe side for our staff and customers. We understand that some of you will not like this policy but it's a small inconvenience to keep our small staff safe and unaffected.  Without a staff, we cannot run our stores.  We will provide any customer a free mask upon arrival if they do not have one. No big deal.

Why are we doing this?

-We want to keep our employees as safe as possible. The recent surge has been the fastest spreading variant in the pandemic. You’re seeing this with canceled concerts and sporting events the last week.

-Yes, we know that this variant generally isn’t as dangerous as others but we want to mitigate any risk in the workplace.

-We anticipate this mask policy will be in effect for a short time based on the rapid spread of this new variant and cases.

-We have had more cases and exposures with our staff in the last 2 weeks than the previous 20 months of the pandemic.

-We are doing this to keep our employees safe and mitigate the chances that they would get covid at work. We have a small staff and an outbreak would shut our doors.

-We listen to our employees and want them to feel comfortable because without them we couldn’t run our stores.

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