Record Store Day- Black Friday

Record Store Day- Black Friday
We are excited to get all of you the exclusive Black Friday titles offered this year. We will have tons of BF titles as you've come to expect over the years. There have been some changes to the list and we have those details at the bottom of the email. It's unfortunate but with all of the pressing plant delays, it was inevitable that some of the titles were not going to make it. The good news is that most of those titles will be coming in December and for Record Store Day 2022.
We open the doors @ 9am on Friday at our Golden Valley and Maple Grove locations. Our Crystal location will be open at 10am for those that would like to avoid the morning rush for non-music items.
We'd like to remind you that these are limited in quantity so we cannot pre-order, hold, or save any titles before we open. It is common that we have a line at open but this moves quickly as we shuffle everyone through the store to grab their picks.
All Black Friday titles are limited to 1 copy of each title per customer, no doubles.
Down In The Valley V.I.P. Members can choose up to 6 different BF titles the first time through the line.
Non-VIP Members can choose up to 4 different RSD titles.
***You can go through the line as many times as you'd like. Weve run our RSD/BF event in this manner for over a decade and continue to get rave reviews because customers like that its fair and organized. Our events are not free-for-all situations and our customers prefer it this way.
***Please have your BLACK FRIDAY picks ready when you get to the table to eliminate delays for the folks behind you in line.
Of course we are promoting the Black Friday titles but this is also an event to kick off the holiday season. We have the biggest stock of NEW VINYL we've ever had. We recommend starting your holiday shopping now for reasons we've been saying about the supply chain issues in the vinyl industry. We're stocked and ready for you.
Our used vinyl bins will also be stocked with freshly-priced USED VINYL gems. We've had so many excellent collections come thru the doors the last 2 months and you'll like what you see. Make sure to peruse those racks when you're in this weekend.
Finally, We've held back some of our DOWN IN THE VALLEY EXCLUSIVE titles to offer to you this weekend as well. We'll have limited copies of the SLOWDIVE - Self-Titled exclusive vinyl on a violet colorway. This is limited in total to 330 copies. Also, we'll have BAD BRAINS debut 7" on white vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Grab those while you can!

*We will be selling the remainder of the BLACK FRIDAY stock on Monday in our online store on Discogs.

There have been some cancellations due to delays in manufacturing so please see the complete list of titles here: https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialReleases

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