Record Store Day 2021

Record Store Day 2021

Our Record Store Day 2021 events will take place at our Golden Valley and Maple Grove locations as we did last year.  We run our events in an organized and safe manner with controlled capacity to ensure everyone feels comfortable.  We will have tons of RSD titles again this year and we are known for having one of the best RSD experiences.

Here's the RSD List of titles --- pay special attention to the street date to see if the title is June 12th or July 17th.

Doors will open at our GV and MG locations early at 9am on both June 12th and July 17th.  Our Crystal location will be servicing those folks that don’t want to deal with the crowds for items other than RSD titles.  If you haven’t visited us on RSD in the past, know that customers do get in line very early to ensure they get the titles they are seeking. We’ve run our RSD event in this manner for over a decade and continue to get rave reviews because customers like that it’s fair and organized.  Our events are not free-for-all situations and our customers prefer it this way.  

Record Store Day titles are limited in quantity and exclusive to RSD stores like ourselves.  For that reason, it’s not uncommon to have customers line up very early in the morning to get their spot in line. We cannot pre-order, hold, or save RSD titles, you must show up in person to buy these that weekend.  *We will be selling the remainder of the RSD stock on Monday in our online store on Discogs.  

8am:  We'll come out and answer any questions about the list, titles, street date bumps, etc... Also, we will use our app to add you to the list in the order in which you are lined up.  Please be courteous to everyone while waiting in line.    

9am: Doors open for RSD Shopping: Customers are let into the store in the order in which they were lined up at the door. We will limit the capacity of customers in the store at one time to ensure distance can be obtained.

The first time thru the RSD line we allow each customer a limited number of RSD titles.  (we do not allow multiples of the same RSD title during the RSD weekend)

Down In The Valley V.I.P. Members GV customers can choose up to 8 different RSD titles the first time through the line. (Maple Grove can choose 6)

Non-VIP Members at GV will get to choose up to 6 different RSD titles. (Maple Grove can choose 4)

**You can go through the line as many times as you'd like

Please have your RSD picks ready when you get to the table to eliminate delays for the folks behind you in line.

Any further questions please email: and we can answer any of your questions.


Spend $100:  Get your choice of a free RSD shirt, Tote Bag, or Sampler LP

Free with every purchase: 2021 Dogfish Head Poster

Enter-To-Win:  A Warner Bros. Vinyl Prize Pack  (all 3 locations)


We are partnering with Broken Clock Brewing of Minneapolis to create a Down In The Valley beer for RSD called, “Liquid Fidelity”. BC will be giving out samples from 9am-2pm.  The beer can be purchased at Liquor Barrel Golden Valley or on tap at Broken Clock Brewery in NE Minneapolis.  In July, for the 2nd Drop, we unleash “Liquid Fidelity-The Remix” which is the lager with lime. 

We will have a stamp card that will give you discounts for visiting all 3 participating partners along with a DITV store and a chance to win the “Ultimate Swag Bag” if you punch out all 6 visits.  Drawings will be held August 10th so you have lots of time to visit us and our partners before we pick a winner.    

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