RSD Black Friday

RSD Black Friday

RSD Black Friday

Friday November 27th

Doors Open @9am

It's that time of year again for the Black Friday (Record Store Day) event! We will use the same setup as we have the last 3 months for the Record Store Day Drops. (More info below)

The big statement we’d like to convey is that this ISN’T A NORMAL RECORD STORE DAY.  We cannot have huge crowds in the store, big lines, food and drink, or band performances.  These RSD Black Friday will be all about the music and the titles released this year.  It’s a great list so take a look if you haven’t yet.  Black Friday - List Of Titles

Click this link to see all the RSD titles we will be stocking and at which location----> DOWN IN THE VALLEY RSD TITLE LIST (list will be live Nov.25th)

Guidelines/Rules for RSD Black Friday


  1. Golden Valley and Maple Grove will be the two Down In The Valley locations with RSDBF titles on November 27th. Our Crystal store will be supporting our stores by being the outlet for everything non-RSDBF like smoking accessories, gifts, clothing, etc. If you aren’t coming for RSDBF titles, we suggest visiting our Crystal location to avoid wait times.
  2. There will be a limit to the number of customers in the store at one time. Golden Valley-15 / Maple Grove-10 as per our covid-related policy. We will rotate customers into the store on a one-out/one-in per individual. (Sorry, we cannot accommodate groups or children under the age of 12 this year)
  3. The physical line—We discourage everyone from creating a line before 7am this year for the safety of all DITV customers. When you show up, please wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart from your fellow RSD fans in line.  At around 8am, an employee will start placing you in a virtual line cue.  (In previous events, we usually see folks lining up at midnight the night before the event but we don’t want that this year)
  4. The Virtual Line— Once in the virtual line, our app will communicate with you via text message. You will be able to see your spot in line and the estimate wait time. This is no different than standing on the sidewalk as in year’s past except you can do that in your car, a nearby park, or wherever you choose.  Grab a coffee and visit a nearby park or read a book are a couple ideas.  You will be alerted 5 minutes before it is your time to come to the door. Also, while waiting, please look at the list and get your RSD picks organized to save time once inside.
  5. In The Store—Yes, you’ve arrived in the store! (with a mask on) This year we have increased the number of picks to: VIP Members- 8 titles / Non-VIP- 6 titles. We will not sell you multiple copies of the same RSD title.  Once inside, we ask you to limit your time in the store to 15 or 20 minutes and then check-out.  You can shop other items while in the store but we just ask that you do it expediently for the fairness of everyone that would like to shop that day. Remember that you were once one of the customers on the other side of the door.
  6. RSD Titles: We bought just as much RSDBF stock as last year and didn’t cut our orders at all. That means you can expect that our stores will have all the depth of titles you’ve procured in previous RSDBF years. Friday, we will post the titles that each Golden Valley and Maple Grove will be stocking as there are some small variations and we’d like to make it easier for you which store to choose to visit.  Keep in mind, Golden Valley will have more RSDBF stock but longer lines.  Maple Grove will have a smaller line but a smaller amount comparatively.  Either way we will still have hundreds of RSDBF records!  Also, many of you know that you can always find a lot of the highly-sought after RSDBF titles on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday following the event so if you don’t make it, don’t sweat it.

We want everyone to have a great experience so please wear a mask, stay socially-distanced in lines/store, and be courteous to other customers.  We appreciate all our customers and will work our ass off to make this a great event (NON-EVENT) in this Covid-World of the new (Ab)normal.

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