Have You Seen Godzilla on our roof?

In these crazy times, just about anything is believable. Have you seen this mystical creature before? We haven’t seen him in many, many years but just as we re-opened our doors, Godzilla suddenly reappeared on our rooftop again after many years of being dormant. Godzilla is back! The last sightings were back in the 1980's and 1990's to alert our customers of big sales events happening in the store. Many years later, he suddenly reappeared towering into the skyline, watching over our store, customers, and employees. He said he is here to protect you.  We believe him.


He also wants you all to know that he is here to protect us during our new hours this week.


3 Ways to Shop DITV: In-Store, Curbside, Online


Golden Valley & Maple Grove Locations

Monday-Friday - 10am-7pm

Saturday - 10am-4pm

Sunday – Closed

(*Crystal location reopening soon)

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