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These are vinyl pressings that are exclusive to Down In The Valley, partnered with another indie record stores, or are Minneapolis Exclusives.

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Twin Cities Exclusive on emerald green vinyl is limited to only 250 copies exclusively at Down In The Valley and the Electric Fetus.  All of our copies are autographed. 

Brotherkenzie is the solo output from Minneapolis producer and songwriter Nathan Stocker – and, through the project, lives in the shadows, operating on the outskirts of the music industry, something he’s grown increasingly less interested in as he ages. Brotherkenzie’s music is a chasm carved from honesty and earnestness, the result teetering between catchiness and pop, but with sharp edges.

On the cover of Nathan, Stocker is about to be enveloped by an enormous black box in a deadened Minnesotan sprawl, framed by the eeriness of placid blue skies, the suggestion of a cold wind. It’s like a snapshot of calm caught in a moment before something bad happens, but you don’t know quite what that bad is yet. The looming black mass is a physical manifestation of narcissism – and Nathan is an exhaustive exploration of that. It’s an artifact of what happens when you listen to, and obey, your demons. A final look-a-round at the dirt you’ve known your whole life before descending to the eternal what-have-you.

The record is a re-introduction to Stocker’s solo output as brotherkenzie; his last release, 2020’s BIG WHAT closed the first chapter of the project, while Nathan explores the afterlife of a creative death. The 12 songs collected here are intended to signify a new brotherkenzie era: one embracing sex and heathen ideals. Even the title vies for blasphemy; Stocker’s attempt to divorce his first name from its loaded religious meaning and instead take ownership of it. It’d be easy to say it’s in response to Stocker’s deeply religious upbringing, but that’s too simple – instead, it’s an exercise in “what if’s?,” leaning into the dark side, interested in exploring what it means to be satanic without ever mentioning a devil – or any type of God, or religion – by name. Instead, Stocker wonders what happens when you die and are reborn as a demon. When you operate without goodness in mind. Is that a mode for something true? Even if it’s evil?


Stocker wrote these songs from March to November of 2020. It was isolating in the usual ways for that time, of course, but he was also juggling a number of relationships that were unhealthy for a myriad of reasons. He was stuck in a cycle, unable to escape, and every time he sat down the self-loathing and demons came out. Here he examines that self-destructive tenderness, observant of the way he was then but not fraught over it. Instead, he’s like a documentarian of trying times; of what it feels like to grow a new epidermis instead.

Brotherkenzie - NATHAN [Twin Cities Exclusive LP]
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Down In The Valley & The Electric Fetus Exclusive.  Only 100 copies pressed on MAROON/MAGENTA vinyl and exclusive to these 2 Minneapolis stores with over 102 years in busness combined.

Soul Asylum's ninth full-length album, is every bit as quirky and off-centered cut-to-the-bone rock as their hardcore fans have come to expect, an indication that the Minneapolis-bred band has lost none of it's edge. And why should they? The new Soul Asylum songs- "Crazy Mixed Up World," "Standing Water," "Success Is Not So Sweet," "All Is Well," "Good For You," "Lately," "Oxygen," and the lead single "Stand Up And Be Strong"-capture the band at it's best: swinging, soothing, and rocking.

Soul Asylum - The Silver Lining [Maroon Vinyl][Down In The Valley/Electric Fetus]
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**UPDATE sold out, sort of** We always hold a portion of our exclusives for our local customers at our 3 stores in Minnesota. Our buddies Darkside Records might have a few left so hustle over there and smash the pre-order button.   (link below)

Down In The Valley, in conjunction with our record store buds Darkside Records of New York have teamed up for our next exclusive vinyl release - Hop Along's 2015 album Painted Shut!

This exclusive pressing is strictly limited to 300 copies and evenly split between Darkside and Down In The Valley.

Hailing from Philly, Hop Along began as an acoustic freak folk solo project known as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis in 2004, during Frances Quinlan's senior year in high school. In October 2014, Hop Along signed to Saddle Creek Records and released their third studio album.

The album was co-produced, recorded and mixed by John Agnello in at Headroom Studios, in Philadelphia and Fluxivity Studios in Brooklyn. The album's addresses topics such as poverty, abuse and mental illness. The album's seventh track "Powerful Man" is based on an experience Quinlan had as a teenager, where they claim to have witnessed a young child being physically abused by their father. Quinlan admitted that the track was the first time they had felt uneasy about sharing lyrics, due to their personal nature.

"There’s part of me that thinks, is anyone going to care if I yell at this man? [...] There is something about parents hitting their kids, it’s just such a weird thing that we allow [...] The craziest thing was he saw us, looked us in the face, and had no reaction. It just didn’t register that we were any threat. And then he said “She’s not gonna help you.” He felt nothing that we were there. It in no way affected his behavior." -Frances Quinlan

Pitchfork likened the album's style to the "romantic, middle-American indie" of artists such as Bright Eyes and Rilo Kiley, while crediting punk rock for the band's energy.

Release Date: 9/23/22

Hop Along - Painted Shut [Lemon Yellow][Down In The Valley / Darkside Records Exclusive]
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Down In The Valley has teamed up with Reckless Records in Chicago for an exclusive vinyl color of the debut 7" from legendary punk band Bad Brains!  Limited pressing of 300 copies on white vinyl - preorder your copy here or in-person at one of our three locations!

*One per customer. If we see orders from multiple accounts under different names, we will cancel all of those orders.*

Bad Brains - Pay To Cum [Down In The Valley/Reckless Records Exclusive -Limited Edition White Vinyl Single]
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***We have sold out of our pre-order limit to ensure our local customers will have the opportunity to purchase on street date.

We've once again teamed up with our friends at Josey Records for another exclusive vinyl release! This time we present the critically-acclaimed 2017 album from Slowdive in a limited edition one-time pressing of 330 copies on violet vinyl - preorder your copy today online or in-store at one of our three locations today! One per customer.

Slowdive - Slowdive [Down In The Valley/Josey Records Exclusive *Violet Vinyl]
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Down In The Valley exclusive vinyl limited to 300 copies on Red & Yellow Vinyl.

Actions and Indications is the final album by the American punk rock band Seaweed, released in 1999

Seaweed - Actions and Indications [Red/Yellow Vinyl][Down In The Valley Exclusive]
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This is an exclusive to Down In The Valley, limited to 350 copies on Purple Black & Silver Galaxy vinyl. Stemming out of an offer from Roadburn Festival organizer Walter Hoeijmakers, mutual acquaintances, and a shared love of each other's output, May Our Chambers Be Full is the first recorded document of collaboration between Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou. While their solo material seems on it's face to be quite disparate, both groups have spent their respective careers lurking at the outer boundaries of the heavy metal scene, the artists having more in common with DIY punk and it's spiritual successor, grunge. May Our Chambers Be Full straddles a similar, very fine line both musically and thematically. While Emma Ruth Rundle's standard fare is a blend of post-rock-infused folk music, and Thou is typically known for it's downtuned, doomy sludge, the conjoining of the two artists has created a record more in the vein of the early '90s Seattle sound and later '90s episodes of Alternative Nation, while still retaining much of the artists' core identities. Likewise, the lyrical content of the album is a marriage of mental trauma, existential crises, and the ecstatic tradition of the expressionist dance movement. "Excessive sorrow laughs. Excessive joy weeps." Melodic, melancholic, heavy, visceral. The visual art accompanying this work was created in collaboration with preeminent New Orleans photographer Craig Mulcahy. The faceless, genderless models are meant to emphasize this pervasive state of ambiguity and emotional vacillation, the images falling somewhere between modern high fashion and classical Renaissance.

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full [Purple Black/Silver Galaxy][Down In The Valley Exclusive]
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Down in the Valley and Electric Fetus are celebrating a combined 100 years in business. That’s 100 years of puttin’ it to your ears! We’re all in this together, and we’re thrilled to have Trampled By Turtles help us celebrate.

Over the past several years, boundary-pushing bluegrass/folk-rock band Trampled By Turtles has built a following around their unique covers. Sigourney Fever sees them adding their own flair to some of their favorite tracks, from Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” to Faces’ “Ooh La La.”

The EP is available as a limited edition 12” in celebration of Down in the Valley and Electric Fetus’ combined 100 year anniversary. Only available at those two stores, the one-time pressing includes a special animated engraving on the b-side.

Trampled By Turtles - Sigourney Fever EP [Limited Edition DITV/FETUS 100 Years In Business Vinyl]
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Down In The Valley Exclusive - Limited to 300 copies on black & white swirl vinyl. One per customer/household

Originally released in 1992, the two songs on Drive Like Jehu's sole 7-inch display a harnessing of powers first introduced on their self-titled record from the previous year and later fully realized on their final album, 1994’s Yank Crime.

While recording “Bullet Train to Vegas” on the UCSD campus (drummer/producer Mark Trombino “borrowed” mics and cables from the theatre department next door), guitarist John Reis felt the urge to pick up a trash can and chuck it across the room. It’s the crash that you hear just as Trombino and bassist Mike Kennedy engage, and you may feel a similar urge to do the same while listening to its unrelenting rhythms. “Hand Over Fist” slows things down slightly but by no means muffles the quartet’s ferocity or Rick Froberg’s trademark howl.

Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train To Vegas [Down In The Valley Exclusive]
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**Down In The Valley Exclusive** Limited to 300 copies on seafoam green vinyl!

The follow-up to Soul Asylum's 1992 breakthrough album Grave Dancers Union fell victim to heightened expectations, but, contrary to the majority of criticism in the alternative music press, this was no major label sell-out. While it was true that Let Your Dim Light Shine boasted such radio-friendly tunes as the single “Misery” (you know you've made it when Weird Al Yankovic covers one of your songs!) and the electro-acoustic ballad “Promises Broken,” the commercial success of Grave Dancers Union allowed songwriter Dave Pirner the freedom to expand the stylistic reach of the band and even sneak in some genuinely experimental tracks, like “Caged Rat.” Being a mid-‘90s release, this album was available on vinyl for only a heartbeat; our Down In The Valley reissue features the original jacket and inner sleeve art, and comes in a seafoam green vinyl color, limited to 300 copies! Co-produced by Butch Vig of Nevermind fame…

*Limit 2 per customer

Soul Asylum - Let Your Dim Light Shine *Down In The Valley Exclusive (Seafoam Green)
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Good Dog, Bad Dream is the new EP from Hippo Campus, and the St. Paul, Minnesota five-piece's first new music since their 2018 sophomore album Bambi. It finds the band at their most honest and vulnerable to date, with five new intensely cathartic tracks tinged with confessions and dark humor. It's a collection of songs that came together with ease, and without pressure -- a wildly different experience than the typical Hippo Campus recording process. The band - made up of vocalist/guitarists Jake Luppen and Nathan Stocker, drummer Whistler Allen, bassist Zach Sutton, and trumpeter DeCarlo Jackson -- assembled Good Dog, Bad Dream with a genuine sense of freedom and enjoyment as part of their first sessions in their new Minneapolis studio space. It’s a celebration of brotherhood, and the “all for one, one for all” mentality that has permeated Hippo Campus’ work since the very beginning. 

Hippo Campus - Good Dog, Bad Dream EP [Minneapolis Exclusive Limited Edition White Marble Vinyl]
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Minneapolis indie pop rebels Hippo Campus return with their third full-length, LP3, on February 4th. Their strongest and most complete work yet, LP3 is a freshly-inked portrait excavating young adulthood, identity and, more importantly, how that personal identity fits into a larger camaraderie.

Hippo Campus - LP3 [Minneapolis Exclusive Metallic Silver Swirl LP]
$23.99 Video
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*****Update:  We blew thru 150 pre-orders and are now gone. Sorry to those that missed it but don't fear, we held 100 copies that we will be selling in our retail stores on street date. (08/13)

Down In The Valley and Josey Records teamed up for this exclusive vinyl color of the debut album from Better Oblivion Community Center, the critically acclaimed project from Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst! Limited pressing of 500 copies on patina rust vinyl - preorder your copy today or grab one at one of our three locations before they are gone.

Better Oblivion Community Center - Better Oblivion Community Center [Down In The Valley/Josey Records Exclusive]
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Debut solo album from Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus. Produced by Jake Luppen and BJ Burton, featuring Buddy Ross, Jim-E Stack and Ben Lester

LUPIN centers around a turbulent couple years in Jake’s life that can be viewed as somewhat of a Rumspringa- the end of a long term relationship that defined Jake’s adult life gave way to a rudderless period of inward discovery- mistakes and revelations- finding the beauty and peace through the pain of self-discovery and growing up.

Lupin - Lupin [Minneapolis Exclusive White LP]

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